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Printing Services for Authors

The Premier Lusaka Publisher

At Zambia Adventist Publishing House(ZAPH), we help exceptional authors share their words with the public and print books in paperback and hardcover.

If you are interested in simply ZAPH printing your book, we can print your book for you. Check our printing services page for why you should print with us. Here are some basics that we need to issue an accurate quotation:

  • A soft copy of the  book in question (PDF FORMAT)

  • Type of paper the cover of the book should be printed on

  • Type of paper the text (inside) of the book should be printed on

  • Number of copies you would like to print (minimum 1,000 copies)

Send your book in Microsoft Word If you would require our layout and design services.

For printing services enquiries, fill out the contact form below.

Contact Us

The Zambia Adventist Publishing House
2nd Floor, Lusaka House,
Corner Ben Bella/Lumumba Rd,
Lusaka, Zambia

+260955 221 912

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